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The views of the smaller states should be considered in proportion to their population.

That argument has always been and always will be the dumbest fucking shit that any non-trivial amount of people hold.

Hamilton had it right from the beginning:
Every idea of proportion and every rule of fair representation conspire to condemn a principle, which gives to Rhode Island an equal weight in the scale of power with Massachusetts, or Connecticut, or New York; and to Delaware an equal voice in the national deliberations with Pennsylvania, or Virginia, or North Carolina. Its operation contradicts the fundamental maxim of republican government, which requires that the sense of the majority should prevail. Sophistry may reply, that sovereigns are equal, and that a majority of the votes of the States will be a majority of confederated America. But this kind of logical legerdemain will never counteract the plain suggestions of justice and common-sense. It may happen that this majority of States is a small minority of the people of America; and two thirds of the people of America could not long be persuaded, upon the credit of artificial distinctions and syllogistic subtleties, to submit their interests to the management and disposal of one third.
And the situation is far worse today and will continue to get worse. We're going to have a situation within our lifetimes where ~25% of the population has a strangelhold on all legislation and all political nominees including the supreme court. Large states where extorted into accepting the compromise when the constitution was written, but it's an insane system that is fundamentally broken under actual geographic distribution of people.