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Originally Posted by Boycott View Post
... Beto mitigates that by live streaming most of his events and uploading footage onto Facebook.
ALL the Democrats should be doing that. If they don't they're just asking to be misrepresented.

Originally Posted by UnwittingAmericans View Post
Wiegel's OK, but he only put the context in a sub-tweet. That's what wanting to have a hot take on Twitter does to you.
Exactly right. People trying to earn a living may care about having a reputation for integrity, but they care about re-tweets more. Re-tweets (and similar social-media scoring features) are the metric by which they live.

Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
It's sad that some, including some here, are so willing to jump on spreading these out of context crap cheap shots. Such is the path to Trump winning, not by his smears but by smears from within the tent.

The fact that others running (and their operatives) are trying to get to the top by smearing Biden, rather than by convincing those of us who are saying Biden now but not married to the idea that they have what it takes to take down Trump even more solidly and even maybe have some coat tails, is ... unfortunate. It is not the way to win us over. It is the way to disgust more on the process and decrease turnout when we need it.
Yes to all this.

The one and two-percent scoring presidential candidates are desperate for air time, and they know that they won't get it by announcing they have a new plan for dealing with pharmaceutical prices. They will get that airtime by making it known they're going to trash-talk a fellow-Democrat.

And so, many of them are doing it. They may try to couch it in 'this is about values' and other high-minded excuses, but it's about getting those minutes on TV. And so they pile on the front runner---who is duly weakened by the attacks.

The really sad thing is that this is another example of that tragic lesson of history: authoritarians (and would-be authoritarians) gain power due to the help they receive from their opponents---who are providing that help completely unintentionally. Human nature and its inevitable incentives lead the opposition to weaken itself, giving the despot invaluable aid.

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