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Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
Pardon me, but the source of this quote is a Washington Post reporter. It's possible that Wiegel got it wrong, but your accusation is FALSE.
The fact that he's a Washington Post reporter means...not a fucking thing, mate.

Yes, I suppose I am gracious enough to excuse you. You're excused -- excused first of all for copy/pasting the words of a journalist who was fucking stupid enough to vote and publicly support and advocate or the candidacy of Ralph Fucking Nader, the guy who basically helped give us 8 years of Bush, 8 years of war on terror, who gave us Iraq, Dick Cheney, and a Recession.

Who did you vote for in 2004 and 2000? Last time, it was that guy from Massachusetts who hated the troops and lied about his Vietnam service in a French accent. In 2000 I not only voted for Ralph Nader but served as an electoral college elector for him in the state of Delaware.
"Well like yah, but we got Obama after that! Fight the power!"

That's how these fucking egg-heads think. These fucking blow-up-the-system with Ralph Nader, Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders, and Oprah? Who next - Stone Cold Steve Austin? But wait, it gets better: he registered Republican so he could vote for...Ron Paul (everyone's favorite conspiracy theorist, Gold Standard, anti-semite, and racist).

Yes, you're excused for copy/pasting words of an anarcho, nihilist hack who deliberately - yes, deliberately - misconstrued statements because he doesn't like the man who phrased them and doesn't trust people who read his bullshit enough to let them make their own decisions. He is the very fucking personification...of FAKE NEWS.

And the fact that the Washington Post hired him back after firing him once before is their own fucking credibility problem.

You're excused.