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[QUOTE=RTFirefly;21712502]Well yes it does. It means I didn't get this quote "from the frothing batshit insane wing of the party," in your words. I got it from a news reporter at one of the more reliable news outlets.

You got it from a person's twitter feed, okay? That's where you got it from. And the twitter feed belongs to someone with a history of fringe politics and accusations of biased reporting.

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So a guy was an elector for Nader when he'd just turned 19, and apparently for you, that is what defines him 19 years later.
If he weren't wildly distorting the message of more mainstream candidates, I would be willing to put his past behind him. But when he irresponsibly truncates quotes and doesn't correct himself even when people on his feed corrected him...then that's on him.

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I think that says WAY more about you than it does about him.
Stop falling for left wing activist hack jobs. It's not so hard.