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Originally Posted by Banquet Bear View Post
...hold on a second: this is the Joe Biden thread right? Isn't it entirely appropriate to post criticisms and critique of Joe Biden in this thread? Why should people be using this thread to convince you to "vote for somebody else?"

I look at the twitter post you are complaining about, and I look at it in the fuller context of what Biden actually said and I'm not seeing the problem. In this very thread UnwittingAmericans had to literally invent context for Biden's words. But that misses the point. Biden didn't say the words UnwittingAmericans imagines Biden intended precisely because he wanted to send a different message to the people he was talking too. He could have said precisely what he is on the record as saying elsewhere. But he didn't.

A year ago I was all-on-board for a Biden presidency. He was my number one candidate. Based on the things he has done over the last year I have completely changed my mind. And I haven't changed my mind because of "falling for left wing activist hack jobs." Trump and co have severally damaged America at a structural level. They've gutted the Federal government, they've stripped funding, they've purged agencies and replaced them with loyalists. Biden has shown nothing in the last year to indicate that he understand the scale of what he needs to do to be able to deal with this. It appears he is woefully out of touch.

There isn't anything wrong or disloyal about expressing this opinion: especially in a thread that is dedicated to discussing Joe Biden. This shouldn't be a "cheerleading" thread. And if you truly want the best candidate to stand against Trump then you really should be open to not only people being critical of Biden but being open to changing your mind. It isn't our job to "convince you to vote for another candidate." If people hold the opinion that Biden is unsuitable to be the next President of the United States then this is the right place to argue that. And its a mistake to reflexly dismiss that criticism as "slagging off."
As usual, you fall into the "intentionally ignore" rather than "unable to understand" category.