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Originally Posted by Stanislaus View Post
Interviewer: "So, Andy, welcome to your first Wimbledon. How far are you hoping you'll get through the tournament?"
Andy Murray: "All the way."
Itnerviewer, slightly incredulously: "You're hoping to win Wimbledon on your first ever visit?"
Andy Murray, future world No. 1:"Didn't come here for any other reason."

That's the mentality. And yes, at that point there weren't quite a Big Three, and certainly not like there are now. But if Zverev, Tsipras etc. aren't coming to the the Majors thinking, "This is my tournament, this is my time, get out of my way you old men" then they're playing on one leg.
Coco Gauff, the 15-year-old who knocked Venus Williams out of Wimbledon this year and made it through to the fourth round, said much the same thing. If you're not playing to win, why turn up at all?