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Originally Posted by zombywoof View Post
I dunno - diamonds are famously "hard", but that only means scratch resistant, and many have been shattered by a moderate bump - I'd imagine his method has to treat her ring more gently than that.

I agree that it appears to be already attached to his shoe by the time he walks to the ladder.
I'm going to assume that there's a missing moment in the footage shown on TV where it might be more clear (they actively remove footage of "the dirty work", since people can step through frame by frame and crack all the secrets otherwise).

It is true that magic acts generally don't do anything or have any props that aren't necessary for the truck to be performed (and this extends even to extra mannerisms like fumbling the cards or coughing, etc.) Everything you see is usually necessary for the performance to succeed.

In this case, though, I'm not strongly leaning towards the idea that the ladder was necessary. I feel like there's a good chance that its part in the process was to mislead Penn & Teller. The words on the back of his shirt pretty well imply that they picked one of the less impressive (in his opinion) solutions and that he had set up the trick to send them on a wild goose chase in a variety of ways.

Originally Posted by cluck View Post
I wish I had enough time to listen to every podcast, and watch every show and video out there. There have been so many tricks that have perplexed me over the years that I've forgotten about which I would have loved to know the real story on, but it would be impossible to catch up now.
I checked out about ten minutes of one on YouTube and it's basically Penn and some other guys having a chat while, by happenstance, being recorded. Being in a water cooler chat is fun to do. Listening to someone else', not my thing.

Adrian Carratala: Ring around the shoelace (*fooler*). I read the discussion above and agree that the ladder must have played a role somehow (besides being a distraction with the empty box). I thought the breakaway clothing reveal at the end was brilliant showmanship. I like that he purposefully misdirected them and anticipated their folly. (If they had guessed the correct method, it would have been embarrassing.)
I don't know. There are a fair number of cases of people setting up messages to P&T saying "nope" and "wrong", etc. but those always seemed well-intentioned and playful. To me, this guy just more came across as a cocky a-hole. I suspect that if he comes back to try and beat them again they'll go double-effort to bust him and make him look bad just because he was a jerk about the whole thing this time.

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