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Wedding ring: It's extremely clear that where he "Drops" her ring into the hanky is nowhere near where the "ring" he gives her to hold is. Pretty sloppy slight on that one, imo, especially in his day in age when anyone worth half their salt knows that move is coming. At that point, it's just about getting it from his palming to his shoe. Not much for me to say, as there doesn't seem to be anything to see. It just appears on his shoe in the first shot of his show after he has her "drop" the hanky. Which I am guessing is the misdirection to ensure no one is looking at his shoe. Pretty sure it's not there in the last wide shot before that. The mention of Ring Flight is a trick very much like this one. Dave Bonsall created one version that seems very well regarded, and to his credit. he actually essentially explains the trick on a promo video for the gimick he sells: - you can see that it's basically a clip on a reel - so I assume you extend the reel, up the back of your jacket, down your sleeve and perhaps it clips inside the cuff of your jacket until you are ready - than you clip the ring in your hand to it, release it, and it retracts to your back pocket on your keychain.

Penn obviously thinks he built a reel into his shoe and ran the line through his jacket and maybe also his pants in a re-engineered ring flight. They get busted on thinking it goes through his clothes. It COULD be as simply as him not running the line to his clothes. An invisible line straight from the shoe to his hand or the hanky could do it - but he did say they were "far away" from his method... he doesn't bend down, and the ring clearly appears on his show mid-trick - so he MUST have something that either "reels"/pulls the ring to his shoe, or otherwise transports it.

I just noticed something. Right before it first appears on his show, he prompts applauds - perhaps an audio cover? When he does this, he gathers the hanky with an odd hand-position of his right hand. Then he lays the hanky out suspiciously, then lets it dangle right over his shoe-top. This is almost certainly the moment of truth (that they air from a very wide angle that shows the move but also hides the appearance of the ring - I think they have a rule that they cut out an important move from the airing so the audience doesn't see the moment the trick occurs). He has some mechanism to transport the ring from his hand, behind the hanky, to his shoe. P&T certainly miss it because in a first viewing, they have no idea the ring will end up on his shoe, so they aren't looking for a move there. Misdirecting where the ring will end up means P&T are looking in the wrong place, expecting the wrong move - a clever strategy for this particular show. I don't think the ladder had ANYTHING to do with the mechanism other than allowing him to display his shoe in a more visual manner, and provide more misdirection.

Kevin Blake - I don't see anything fishy after he moves P&T's hands, so there must be a force. My first inclination is that when he assures there's no markings, then does "one more shuffle", I wondered if he was somehow doing a deck swap. Penn's card he gets Penn to pick with his finger moving from the left, and Teller picks with him moving from the right - I wonder if it was a deck of identical cards - left half Penn's card, right half Teller's. Then with his cardistry during the rap, maybe he swaps it back so they can examine it at the end. And when Penn mentions provers that he WASN'T doing a deck swap or a force - I assume he is inferring that he DID do those things. I just can't see any instance of where he had the opportunity to do a full deck swap. Those Hindu shuffles might be something that could conceal a partial substitution, but I don't see how the entire deck could go - he he did give them opportunities to change their cards - and Teller did snap pretty early in the finger moving. I assume it's somehow a force in this way, but it was very smooth.

Coincidence or not (hint: I think not), Penn's King of Spaces is the last card in the deck when he initially displays it. The 2H is also in the deck - towards the same end, and there is a separation after it (that he actually widens as he spreads the cards - maybe deliberately?) - perhaps so when he gather's the cards he can leave a break there and know the locations of those two cards. Rewatching, he gathers the deck with his right index finger crimped in an unnatural position. When he does his first "strip" shuffle, you can see the top card he pulls out of the deck is the 6C - I note was the card right behind the 2H in the deck - to me this confirms he is controlling the location of those two cards. Something is damn fishy to me with that EXTRA shuffle AFTER he lays the cards face down. Why another one? I also get mildly suspicious when he touches Penn's shoulder, but I don't see anything he could have been doing there. I don't see ANYTHING suspicious about his card handling when choosing Penn's card - he doesn't use care to return Penn's first choice to the same spot, but Penn asks for the next card, and he gives him what seems to be the next card with no obvious avenue to swap the card out - no obvious palming or dropping of cards and he doesn't manipulate Penn's hand to cover the card where he could have done a swap. If it was just a deck swap or partial deck swap, he'd have no reason to track the location of those two cards in the first place - however he did the force, I'm impressed.

Ryan & Amber - Penn is obviously suggesting that this was done in some magic way, although it seems like some of that stuff could actually just be done practically. I don't really have any insight on this one. "millimetres close to ..." seems to be a verbal clue.

Message in a bottle - I assume this is like one of any number of book tricks where the book is prepared with a bunch of different pages, but they all start with a line where unexpected" is the only long word on the page. The audience member goes along with "it would be a different word, right?" - it is coincidentally 10 letters so it will fit any number - he doesn't say a word that IS that number long, he he says "at least" that number long.

P&T trick - you can catch a glimpse of Teller adjusting himself in the corner of the shot just before he gets covered. He gets his arms out of the sleeves of the hoodie (you can see when they shroud him that his arms are actually inside the sweater body. I assume the sweater has some wire frame to maintain the human shape after teller jumps out - I assume there's also a trap door in the floor on the back wall of the set.

Re: P&T doing all their material, that became a risk of the show after a few seasons, but so what? I'm a big fan of theirs, having never seen them live (don't live near Vegas, and haven't been in decades). But I have seen most of their TV and online stuff over the years. Most casual fans won't have seen every episode of Fool Us, and will get something new from their live shows. Most hardcore fans who have seen all of Fool Us like me aren't going to be that bothered that they know P&T's routines already. It's about seeing it live in front of you. I liken it to a concert. I don't goto a concert to hear new songs I've never heard before. I go to hear the music performed live in a way that is unique to that show in that you can't really appreciate from a recording quite the same way. From a business perspective, This show just gives them added exposure and hopefully sells more live tickets and keeps them popular for longer, adding to their demand in Vegas. But it IS a TV show in season 6 - so I assume even if it did detract from their live shows, they are getting a decent paycheque from this such that it pays even if they do have to use much of their live show in it - banter in this seasons suggests they have been researching and working on new bits just to have stuff for the end performances. I'm sure they will come up with new stuff for their live shows too. One more think to consider, this probably has spurred them to innovate new tricks for both shows (TV/live) that they wouldn't otherwise have done - so they might still be performing even older stuff but for this show.