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Originally Posted by Two Many Cats View Post
My ass bleeds for them.

I'm against the death penalty, but all for murderers spending the rest of their lives in prison. These people murdered over and over again with no hesitation. Think it was just the Tate-LoBianco murders? What about Gary Hinman? Shorty Shea? Ronald Hughes? One of them tried to assassinate a president. Let 'em rot.
The one that tried to assassinate the President did 34 years. Compounded no doubt due to escaping once and continuing to be in contact with Manson. If she had done a better job reforming herself she would have been let out a lot sooner.

Young people do stupid stuff. Some of them mature over time. Take Danny Trejo. Got into a lot of trouble when young. Did time. The other day he helped rescue a baby from an upside-down car.

He's not the same person he was then. Neither are Van Houten or Davis. (Yet Fromme probably hasn't changed much.) Putting people in prison and throwing away the key is why the US has a phenomenal incarceration rate.