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I'm a little confused about Kobal2's criticisms. Are you attacking free-markets or America? Because, as a student of economics and (not by choice) American, they are not at all the same thing.

I am a free-market apologist, because I believe competition, innovation, and consumer choice yield the greatest good for the greatest number the greatest proportion of the time. The invisible hand of the market does work, in that respect.

However, I am an apologist for the free-market, not an extremist. I think that most of the time, if a person can't afford something, they should go without it. However, to allow people to starve, die of treatable illnesses, etc. because they are poor is atrocious.

To paraphrase Smith: "We do not enjoy our beer, bread, and meat from the generosity of the brewer, baker, or butcher, but from their self interest." However, even within the text of Wealth of Nations, he took the trouble to point out that it was not unbridled greed that made the system work, but enlightened self-interest. That first part is as important as the latter.

But, this is largely theoretical. In practice, Americans are not going to allow free-market principles to compete with the established wealthy elites any more than they allow democracy to dislodge dynastic politicos or Christ-like benevolence supplant religious favoritism.

Mentioning medical costs in the U.S. is the very worst way to attack Capitalism. While a quality medical system run or funded by the state could be argued to be better than free-market solutions, free-market medical care is not what the Americans have. Rather the physician shortage was intentionally installed by the AMA's restrictions on the number of physicians trained, legacy admits ensured that more gifted lower-class students could not short-circuit the entry of less-qualified children of physicians (legacy admissions), and the spiraling costs of medical care were addressed by insurance (an industry that engages in price-fixing and gouging writ into law via regulation).

If you deal with a cartel, you are going to get gouged. If you need to deal with the intersection of TWO cartels . . .

I'm ethnically French as well, and I think it is long past due for the Americans to re-boot their democracy, preferably peacefully, failing that, otherwise. But, I have no faith that they will do so. Americans are too stupid. AN American can be intelligent, collectively, they have shown that there is virtually no abuse they won't tolerate from the powerful and wealthy, because they are deluded enough to think they they will one day be at that end of the lash and malicious enough to desire it.

"The slave dreams not of freedom, but of becoming the master."