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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
The lesson learned from the robber barons in England and the uSA, with disastrous crippling monopolies and terrible attack on competitors shows that this simply isnt true. Left to itself, the "free market' with in a few years no longer be "free'.
That's back to the distinction between govt trying to set prices and govt setting neutral rules. Anti-trust laws are price neutral rules. They don't say what price you have to sell something for, in fact they are specifically to prevent price fixing. That's different in kind not just degree from govt price fixing like rent control.

Rent control, the topic here, is a much easier one than an open ended question 'what is the role of govt in the economy?' or strawman type question like 'what if there were no market rules whatsoever?'

Rent control is price fixing. Price fixing creates misallocation of resources and perverse incentives as compared to market price discovery. If the outcome of market pricing is judged unacceptably 'unfair', a subjective judgement call, then collecting taxes to subsidize people who cannot pay market prices is virtually always preferable to govt price fixing.

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