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Originally Posted by Not Carlson View Post
Thank you for providing the links. And I owe you an apology.
What youíve linked to, while not strong evidence that Omar married her brother, is certainly not nothing.

The only thing it is other than nothing is bullshit.

Iíll wait to see how this plays out, remaining skeptical of the accusation, but open to the possibility that shenanigans have gone on.
Why and what shenanigans (here, that reads: married her brother) do you have actual evidence for?

Originally Posted by foolsguinea View Post
Wow, that's a lot of work for a story that doesn't pass the initial bullshit test.

If Ilhan's father has US citizenship, Ilhan didn't need to marry her half-brother on her father's side to get him in. And the whole thing relies on saying that the brother/fake-husband was using his real name, while the father was using a fake name.

Some of us have seen this kind of trick before. It's recognizably a pile of carefully presented lies.