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I tried several times in their early years to watch The Big Bang Theory, but what, to me and many others, was an overly-loud laugh track (whether laughs were genuine or artificial is immaterial) just made me turn it off within 5 minutes each time.

Eventually, maybe around their fifth year, I started to grin-and-bear-it; the characters are stupid* and they wear the same clothes every episode, but the dialogue is outstanding. I stayed for the witty dialogue.

* not a reflection on the actors; that's how they're written
BBT is mine because I cannot stand Sheldon.

Every other character is hilarious and the bits of the show that weren't him were always hilarious, but I could not get over the fact that anyone who acted the way he did IRL would never have friends.

I understand sitcoms are basically reality times ten, but he was just too much.
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