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American Pie, keep the rye but hold the whiskey. Recording oddity

I was listening to this very cool isolated vocal and bass track of American Pie:

american pie isolated bass and vox

The bass lines are fast and cool all the way through (either the guy was playing with a pick or had lightning fingers).
But something strange stands out: whenever the chorus comes around and Don McLean starts singing about "And them good ole boys were drinking whiskey and rye" the word whiskey has been absolutely surgically removed, just like a word sliced out of a document by a censor's razor blade. You can even see on the Audacity waveform that it's completely dead at that moment (particularly in the slow first and last chorus).

Why would this be the case? It's a full length recording of the song, already guaranteed to have copyright claims against it, so I can't imagine any YouTube shenanigans going on here.

Any thoughts on why this was done? Was it the YouTube uploader or someone back in the early 70s who did this?