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Originally Posted by minor7flat5 View Post
The bass lines are fast and cool all the way through (either the guy was playing with a pick or had lightning fingers).
Eh, as a bassist I'll agree that it sounds as if it was played with a pick, based solely on the "attack" of each note. But there's nothing about that bass line that an intermediate player couldn't play with their fingers.

As for the obvious edit, I suppose it's possible that these tracks are from a version of the song intended for release in a jurisdiction that didn't allow drug and alcohol references on-air. I've heard classic rock tracks that mention a specific drug getting the word edited out when the station airs the song before 10PM. Or perhaps it was used in a children's movie.

As for why they'd cut "whiskey" but not "rye", this could again be a version of the song intended for a child audience. I was a child myself when I first heard the song, and while I knew that "whiskey" was an alcoholic beverage, I didn't know the same for "rye". I only knew of rye as a kind of bread or cracker, and recall wondering how one would drink it.