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Originally Posted by Mister Rik View Post
As for the obvious edit, I suppose it's possible that these tracks are from a version of the song intended for release in a jurisdiction that didn't allow drug and alcohol references on-air. I've heard classic rock tracks that mention a specific drug getting the word edited out when the station airs the song before 10PM. Or perhaps it was used in a children's movie.
I had a recording of American Pie that I'd made in college, dubbed from a mix tape that my roommate had. His recording, in turn, had been dubbed from a mix tape that one of his brothers had made, while he was in Spain, and had recorded it off of the radio.

Apparently, at that time, there was a law there against mentioning God in a song, or something along those lines. So, the line in the final verse, "The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost" was bleeped out entirely. (Edit: it may be that the line was seen as potentially in violation of Spain's blasphemy laws.)

So, I suppose that it's possible that "whiskey" got removed from a dub of the song for similar reasons.

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