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Originally Posted by Smapti View Post
I guess I put off Trapper^2 for way too long. I've been avoiding trying it because the "no breeding" stipulation sounded like too much of a pain in the ass, but on first trying it this afternoon, with some careful management of my coordinations I was able to make it far enough in to get a 300% boost for my Challenge^2 score. Mapology^2 is the only one I don't have any points in yet, and I haven't been looking forward to that either, but I guess I'll be running it soon - any tips for that one?

I know I'm lagging ages behind a lot of other people who are still playing, but I think I'm about ready to try for my first Spire IV clear.
I might be due for another Trapper^2 run too. I was going to say that itís hugely more valuable than the other C^2s, but mine is really on par with the others. The trick is to trust Perky. Youíll start the run with pretty much all your helium in Carpentry to get a fuctillion trimps. No need to do any actual trapping. Then youíll respec, with an emphasis on Coordinated IIRC. With an initial population several orders of magnitude bigger than your army, you should get pretty far before you run out of trimps.

Mapology^2 isnít bad. Just run Prestigious maps with Equip First to upgrade your dagger and mace every time things start to slow down. If you have your Bionic masteries, then you can even climb some prestigious BWs.