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Originally Posted by Mister Rik View Post
Was the song ever used in something like the Guitar Hero or Rock Band (was that the name?) games? I know a lot of isolated tracks on YouTube come from those.
Originally Posted by Blank Slate View Post
Yep. The word 'whiskey' is missing from Band Hero. That's just absurd.
Very cool!

I was not very optimistic about this question, but you guys found it.
I guess that as a total non-gamer I ought to be thankful for the various Guitar Hero style games because they apparently help isolated bass tracks find their way out of the vault, and if there's one thing that makes a bassist smile, it's finding an isolated studio bass track for a song he or she admires.
Originally Posted by Lamoral View Post
As a fellow bassist I too was intrigued by the question of how those notes were articulated. So I asked the most knowledgable bassist I know, Bruce Thomas, to weigh in. (He played for many years with a rather well-known singer...let's call him "Ennis Castillo.") Saith Bruce:
I have no doubt that he could, in fact, play the lick fingerstyle. I myself tried and failed.
I'm glad I'm not the only one. Surely there are loads of solid working bassists out there who could play that crisp lick at speed all day with two fingers, but I can't do any better than a pull-off.