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Originally Posted by Smapti View Post
The fight with Druopitee took nearly an hour, but I managed my first Spire IV clear, and picked up 320% for my cheevos in the process. Got my first plagued heirloom, too - it's a little disappointing that they aren't fully customizable and I can't get all the useful upgrades I want onto it, but Plaguebringer seems pretty nifty.

Time to go back to farming runs to see if I can manage to clear Spire IV without beefing up on Golden Battles and splurging at the Bone Trader.
I found it easier to get a bunch of plagued heirlooms before attempting the spire. I was regularly doing 510 runs, and had a couple up to 525, before I beat it.

Originally Posted by Telperion View Post
Yeah, it does seem pretty uninspired so far. I can see why they wanted people to experience it on sort of equal footing, but having to unlock every single perk again is just goddamn annoying. On the bright side though, radiating heirlooms are pretty nice.
It has a bunch of new perks and abilities. I'm not actually there yet, but I messed with it a bit when it was on the test server.

I had previously said it would be interesting to more or less start over, and see how much of the previous slow start was just due to my learning curve, but I had no interest in actually starting over, so this seems like it is an interesting set up.