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Originally Posted by Personal View Post
I forgot about Trimps. I started Castle Clicker and Kittens again a couple of weeks ago. I'm amazed how much I don't remember about both of them. It's like starting beans new only my instincts are better this time.
I just got into Trimps as well - well, got "back into" Trimps, as apparently I had tried it briefly about 3 years ago, according to the game - after reaching a wall in Cookie Clicker. (I have a few days off coming up over Labor Day weekend; it could be time for another reincarnation.)

Are there any "obvious strategies" for the early zones? For example, is there a particular ratio of employees among the jobs I should be targeting? It seems to me that metal should be my priority, as that's what drives the weapons and armor upgrades. Also, should I be focusing more on "more Trimps" or upgrades?