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A few other notes for early runs;

* You may not be able to afford Gymystic the first time you encounter it, but it's worth bulking up on scientists for. Up until you reach Zone 60, Block is 100% effective against enemy damage, so a high enough Block will render you invulnerable, and Gymystic is the easiest way to achieve those levels.

* Conversely, once you can get past Zone 30 and buy a Gymystic or two, stop running The Block. Shieldblock becomes pretty useless past that point and the health bonus is far more effective.

* When it comes to gear, in my estimation, level 10 of a given tier is roughly equal to level 1 of the following tier. I'd avoid going higher than level 10 on any item unless you're really trying to push through to the next tier or finish a Challenge.

* Run Challenges whenever you can. If there's a Challenge that will unlock a Perk you don't have yet, go for that one. If there's none of those, run a Helium challenge.

* If you're going to be leaving the game to idle for any amount of time (which you're going to want to do), buy as many Barns/Sheds/Forges as you can afford so you can best take advantage of idle resource gathering. Eventually you'll unlock AutoStorage and this won't be necessary, but in early runs, a few hours' worth of idling can earn you enough metal to upgrade your weapons and breeze through the next ten zones or so.

* Once you unlock it, Carpentry is going to be your best friend, as the higher you can boost your population, the more Coordinations you can unlock and the faster your breed time will be (until you get to Nurseries, Geneticists and Anticipation, at which point longer breed times can be to your benefit.)

* Looting is also going to be an important perk to invest in, as it increases the amount of Helium you can earn, and in the early runs that's the one resource that persists across runs and fuels your Perks.

* Any perk that has a max level (Anticipation, Agility, etc.) is worth maxing out as early as you can afford it. In the long run, I'd avoid spending much on Bait, Trumps, or Packrat, as they become irrelevant pretty quickly.