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I didn't watch the game, thankfully, though I did check stats from time to time. Any reason the Bears went for it on 4th and 10, down 7-3 at the Packer 33 in the 3rd? 50 yd FGs should be makeable, right? Even in the wind tunnel that Chicago plays in?
"Nagy’s explanation for not attempting a long field goal was that special teams coordinator Chris Tabor didn’t feel it was in the range of rookie kicker Eddy Pineiro going into the south end zone.

“I’m just putting trust into what our special teams coaches are saying, and so if they feel like at one end it's different than the other, that's just what he told me, and we have to stick by it,” Nagy said. “If we start breaking that and start reaching and we go out there and he kicks a 51-yarder and misses it and now they get the ball at that spot, it just breaks our rules.”

"“So I have trust in him making — he's made multiple kicks past,” Nagy said. “But there's certain situations, whatever it is, whether it's the wind or whatever, that Tabes gives me that number, and I go with that.” From here.

Seems 51 yards at Soldier Field is out of Pinero's range.

Originally Posted by Gray Ghost
Congrats on the unexpectedly great defense, Hamlet.
I didn't do anything, but thanks. I'm cautiously excited, especially with the play of the secondary. Darnell Savage looked good, Amos got an easy pick, and most of the time the coverage and tackling was good. It certainly helps playing against Mitch Trubisky (I loved Tramon Williams' comments: ""We wanted to make Mitch play quarterback. We knew they had a lot of weapons, we knew they were dangerous, we knew all of those things. But we knew if we could make Mitch play quarterback, that we’d have a chance."), though. We'll see how next week goes against the Vikings. Rodgers needs to improve too.