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[QUOTE=Little Nemo;21846075And laws about voting restrictions are always promoted as attempts to fight voter fraud which it's claimed is threatening democracy.

The fact that special interests feel the need to package their agenda as moral issues supports the belief, in my opinion, that laws are generally seen as moral issues.[/QUOTE]

I don't believe this is true. Gerrymandering is not promoted as an attempt to fight voter fraud. In fact it is being fought in court by saying the Federal government has no right to prevent legislatures from operating to benefit the part in power.

And even if those promoting the laws try to argue it is on a moral ground, I don't believe it falls within your original idea that "law is just a codified expression of our moral consensus." Apparently 90% favor background checks. That sounds like a consensus to me. 60% of Americans say that Health Care the government's responsibility - consensus if not quite so big. Two-thirds of Americans support legal status for the "Dreamers". Americans oppose Trump's wall 56% to 38%. I would say each of those is a moral position that is not being enacted into law.