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Originally Posted by Pantastic View Post
No. Laws often purport to be about morality, but the actual implementation doesn't follow a process of 'this is a bad thing, let's punish/restrict it' but instead is a series of compromises and approximations based on what deals can be struck and how well it fits the mood at the time of passage. For example, in the US an 18 year old with nude pics of his 16 year old girlfriend who goes to the same high school is committing felony possession of child porn, even if the general consensus is that it's at worst something he should get grounded for. Meanwhile a 40 year old who exerts pressure to get a marriage to a 12-year-old and has actual sex with her is acting completely legally as long as he does it in a state with no minimum age for marriage, even if most people would be horrified at the union. I am certain that no one set down and said 'an 18 year old with nude pics of his 2-years-younger girlfriend is utterly terrible, but a 40 year old having sex with a girl 3 decades younger is fine'.
I've said before that the laws are based on a moral consensus. It's not one person deciding what they think is right or wrong.