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Originally Posted by QuickSilver View Post
How's that going for you?

And yet, there is that pesky correlation.

Who is coming for you and your family that you are constantly living in fear of? You and your family is much more likely to be harmed by financial disaster related to catastrophic health issues and environmental impact than some imagined intruder.

What a lying, delusional sack of fucking bullshit. You and your guns against the government and its LOE and military? Quit stroking your AR-15; Wet dream over.

They and you are wrong.

You know what's becoming less and less popular?... Fear of social progress and the clinging obsession with religion and guns.
I fear no one because I have the means and the right to defend myself.

My only fear is losing that right.

And I’d argue that your “social progress” is losing ground, big time, and you’re views are more fringe than mine.