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It figures. They do little to effectively control illegal content/access and then when they lose Apple Store access over it they panic and brick up the door.

(BTW, I see the new normal is that a social page/blog can only exist viably if it is an App? Way to make yourselves Apple's and Google's serfs. I mention this because my visits to Tumblr had always been through web access as opposed to through App. Then again my porn needs are modest these days anyway.)

Though good point, KarlGauss, they may feel that if the Bigs (FB, Twitter) get slapped around, that may create an opening for them...

OTOH observation suggests any platform that gets "big enough" or that the management wants to make big enough to turn into a big payday, will begin tightning what can and cannot be shown or marketed through it so that it's more mainstream-friendly or so that it looks more like it's on the "right side of history". Basically it's "thank you adult content/fringe communities for helping us build this, we don't need you any more, you scare investors/payment processors/magazine article writers."

And yeah, the "radicals" who would defend that "mayonnaise is a gender" do seem to be full of fail when it comes to people who want to get theirs on in ways they don't approve of.

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