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I'm pretty pissed about this too, tbh. I love Tumblr and have so many artists I follow on there that have really nowhere else to go that gives them the following and freedoms they had on Tumblr. Many people are losing their actual livelihoods because of this. Already posts are being flagged and accounts are being banned before the 'deadline'. They're even flagging things that are tagged with words like gay, lesbian, trans, etc.

Part of me blames Apple for instigating this (and apparently they're being sued over their monopoly of apps?). Apple in general is pretty well known in being very anti-adult material. Though another part of me blames Tumblr more because their inability to care enough to police their own site is what led to this. As much as I'd love to say this move is going to kill Tumblr in the end, I really don't think it will. And that just makes me mad. There's tons of 'squeaky clean' sites on the web for people who don't want to chance seeing porn. And there's tons of sites just completely saturated with it. Tumblr was a nice little spot in the middle where you could mostly choose what level of 'adult' material you were exposed to. Were there some 'accidents' due to people tagging shit wrong? Yeah. But like, you kinda were aware of that danger.

I'm mostly rambling now cause I'm just so done with this puritanical way of dealing with anything that gets even modestly popular. But gdi Tumblr.