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The thing that I find most alarming is that at age 70, I can see the end of my life. Let's say I live to be 95. (My mother died earlier this year at 93.) That's only 25 years away. I can EASILY remember 25 years ago-- 1993. That was the day before yesterday.

When I was 30, I found a picture of a little old white-haired lady wearing a knitted shawl and a football helmet and holding a cat on her lap. I posted it on my office door and labeled it, "ThelmaLou in 2012." In 2012 I would be 64 years old and that seemed impossibly far away. When 2012 came, needless to say, I WASN'T a little old white-haired lady. I'm still not. But I can't deny that I'm old. I'm an elder. I'm elderly. I'm a senior citizen. I still can't believe it.
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