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Originally Posted by amarone View Post
Because it was AKx versus Qxxxxx, you need both the 10 and 9 if the J8xx is sitting under the AKx.
If it were AKT there's no problem if RHO holds Jxxx. Play the Ace, cross to dummy via a side-suit or ruff, play low, then cover in hand and pull the remaining trumps. If LHO has Jxxx you need the Ten in dummy: play the Ace, then King, then the third trump, cover with Ten or Queen as appropriate, then play the Ten or Queen.

Another point that makes the grand even better - opener could have 7 hearts. Then the jack does not matter at all.
Very true.

Operating at this rarified level, it seems to me that a big problem can be entries into the hand with the long suit, so how do you best choose between 7 of a suit (where you can ruff) and 7NT?.