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Originally Posted by Orwell View Post
My first thought when I opened this thread is very similar. I actually like some classical music, but only the instrumental pieces and performances. Like you, I HATE opera singing. While I have some appreciation of the vocal talent, I can't stand to listen to it, and 10 seconds is more than enough. I can't imagine actually going to see an opera. Uggh.

I don't like most jazz, either. It just sounds like musicians noodling around, with little obvious melody or rhythm. Dixieland jazz, which I like, is the exception, and I don't even know if that is considered "real" jazz.
Exactly what I feel, said better than I could have. I find it amusing that some people here seem to feel a need to persuade folk that they SHOULD enjoy classical music!

Like I said, my favorite is probably primitive old-timey banjo and fiddle music. Or rockabilly w/ a slapped bass and screaming guitar. But if YOU don't like it, that's fine with me.

Actually, I just realized. One thing I REALLY like abut old-time, folk, and bluegrass music is that it is very personal. "back porch" music. Really gives me the feel of regular people making music for their own enjoyment. Which is quite removed from the tux-and-tails environment of much classical music.

Boy, it would be tough for me to decide, if I HAD to go to EITHER an opera, OR a baseball game! Personal taste is fun, ain't it?
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