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Originally Posted by davidw View Post
Either Adnan or Jay is lying. And I keep thinking "shouldn't you think that the guy that everyone describes as a liar is the one who's actually lying?"
Sure, but the two possibilities are not mutually exclusive. I suspect they were both lying to some extent. The fact is though that you don't really need to completely believe Jay to find Adnan guilty. There are so many strange "coincidences" to make Adnan's involvement likely, and enough circumstantial evidence to implicate Adnan absent Jay. Jay is just the guy who connects the dots in order to craft a narrative for the prosecution.

It's also important to note that we were (until this most recent episode) comparing the charm, charisma, likability and credibility of a 34 year old present day Adnan to those of a 19 year old Jay on tape being cross examined by detectives. The conclusions that can and should be drawn based on their stories is complicated by the above in ways most people haven't acknowledged. We were listening to a GROWN MAN with nothing to lose with 15 years to dwell on this, and comparing his account, demeanor, and polish to that a person barely old enough to be considered an adult.