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Just finished listening to the whole podcast over the course of about a week. The two entities that I think come out looking worst in the podcast are:

* Jay. Of course.
* The jury. Wow, they really just completely failed at their job. I'm not convinced they even took their job all that seriously. Jay was credible? The what? I can't even.. And that nonsense about holding Adnan's non-appearance against him? Holy shit.

I served on a jury in (a much more minor) criminal case, and that experience, this podcast, and years of Law and Order has informed what I expect from the state in a criminal case:

1) A story
2) backed by evidence
3) that isn't contradicted by other evidence
4) which proves the facts of the case
5) which prove the defendant broke the law(s) that he is charged with
6) where there is no other plausible story

The state here just flat failed on #3. Nothing else matters. I don't care how suspicious Adnan seemed for calling or not calling or why he would have lent his phone and car to Jay or how Nisha got called or any other that. As a juror, I would have found the state's theory of the crime to be lacking and acquitted on that alone.

The state could have tried to make the case differently. They could have never put Jay on the stand, and pieced together a story from the call logs (particularly the calls putting Adnan in the vicinity of Leakin Park that night), and focused on Adnan's motive and all that. They could have tried to make that case, and maybe they could have done it, but my suspicion is they would have failed #6.

But it doesn't matter. They didn't do that. Instead they put a completely non-credible witness on the stand, told a story that is specifically contradicted by actual phone log evidence, paid him for his story, did not disclose that to the defense, gave him a sweetheart deal for his own involvement, etc. The crime did not happen the way they said it did. That's all the jury needs to acquit.

Instead, they got a shitty jury, who must have reasoned something like, sure the crime didn't happen that way, but Adnan still had to be involved. I mean, he didn't testify, and Arabs sure are bad to their women, amirite?

This confirms all my worst fears about juries, and I completely get why even innocent defendants are so eager to take plea deals. What a colossal fuck up.