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Originally Posted by brickbacon View Post
Additionally, SK has stated multiple times that she doesn't think Jay did it. I think it's fair to say she found him credible on the larger issue of whether Adnan did it.
The quote says Jay left a strong impression. I'm sure he did. That doesn't mean he's not a liar. More generally, SK made Jay look very bad during the series, and she wanted to show that she didn't have it in for him.

As for, "SK has stated multiple times that she doesn't think Jay did it," cite? If true, that's a piece of the puzzle. She may have said something like, "I'm not saying that Jay did it," but that's a very different sort of claim. Right?

Addressing your general point, I agree that the default assumption should involve belief in the jury. But that doesn't mean that juries are infallible. And it seems that this case is in some ways atypical, though in other ways not especially unusual. Put in another way, if juries have a 2% failure rate that would leave plenty of scope for radio shows about convicted innocents. SK wouldn't have bothered reporting on a slam dunk case.

Personally, like Ezra Klein and others I perceived a lot of reasonable doubt.

ETA: Apropos nothing, I think it's kind of cool that fans of the series can have such differing views of the case.

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