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Originally Posted by Siam Sam View Post
We need an omnibus Trump Tweet thread for the next four years, so this is it. He's simply an embarrassment to America. Hopefully the human filth that voted for him will start to notice that, but I doubt it.
No, we don't need a Trump Tweet thread. In fact, that is exactly the opposite of what is needed. Glorifying and validating Trump by focusing on his spastic stream-of-consciousness ejaculations of narcissistic rage is just giving him, and the people who love on him as their proxy for being able to spew hateful, angry rhetoric on the Internet like an infant spitting out strained peas all of the kitchen. Not only do we not need a thread, the media needs to stop reporting on his tweeting entirely and start doing serious, detailed, round the clock coverage on just how radically unqualified and abnormally dangerous his key advisors and appointments are, and how his actions are going to hurt the very people who voted for him the most, with pictures of dancing kittens and strippers if that's what it takes to get attention. Stop giving free media attention and the very kind of public outrage that Trump feeds on, and start making him angry enough until he turns into the Orange Hulk and bursts through the windows of his own building, waving his tiny fists in revealinglay impotent rage.


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