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Originally Posted by jayjay View Post
It didn't happen DURING the show. It happened at the curtain call. And the cast, prior to the statement made, told the audience not to boo him. It was respectful and dignified, much more so than Pence or Trump have been this entire campaign.
Yup. The audience was a bit rude but shut up when the play started. The cast's statement was written--so they'd put some thought behind it. No bad words, or anything. And Pence was leaving the room at the time--with his SS (Secret Service) escort. So he probably didn't hear most of it.

Hamilton has been a hot ticket for some time now. During its Off-Broadway tryout & especially while the original cast played on Broadway. Public figures of all sorts have managed to attend the play--even Cheney. But Donald Trump, so rich & connected he could command excellent seats, never took the time. I doubt he has sufficient attention span to watch a play.