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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
A majority of these people are white and either rural or suburban, though a good many are city dwellers as well. This is why I am not optimistic about the future of this country.
Yes, and it's not just the right wing.
I'm not trying to make a false equivalency; the American right bathes in ignorance right now. It's their home, while others merely visit.

But one feature of our time is that the cynical theory always wins. It "Trumps" other theories, if you will. The one good thing I can say about Trump is he tapped into that perfectly.

I'm also not optimistic. A year or two ago I was looking forward to a technological and societal evolution in my lifetime. So many possibilities seemed round the corner. But now I see it's not going to happen; the US in particular, but also sizeable chunks of other countries, have taken a massive, inconceivable, step backwards.