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I should also point out, in all fairness, that colonizing the galaxy with autonomous self-replicating robots is a pretty simple task, so the fact that SamuelA can do it is not as much of a technological tour de force as it might seem. All you have to do is build one autonomous self-replicating robot, and send it off into space, and Bob's your uncle. That's it. The exponentially expanding legion of robots do all the rest.

And SamuelA knows exactly how to build one. We have the technology today to do it, and SamuelA has the know-how, as he has frequently (almost obsessively, in fact) informed us. So galactic colonization is upon us. The only mystery is why SamuelA hasn't done it. And the only plausible explanation I can venture is that his Mom won't let him.

But we're going to have to rethink this if the Earth is ever threatened by an asteroid. We can't leave this problem to scientists and engineers who obviously don't understand how momentum works. We're going to need SamuelA, and someone is going to have to get to his Mom to make it happen.