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Originally Posted by OldGuy View Post
They're likely to make molding worse by trapping mold spores and passing them on to the next loaf, but they do help to keep bread from going stale as they help keep moisture in.
I've found this to be the case. I had no breadbox for years, but awhile I ago I indulged and bought a nice stainless steel one. I was tired of having bagged bread and rolls on the counter getting in the way. And I don't like to refrigerate bread, because it gets waxy and stiff.

So I started using the breadbox and then found that bread stored in it got moldy almost overnight. I don't know if bread with preservatives wouldn't do this, because all our favorite brands are preservative-free.

Now I have a useless breadbox sitting over on a table in the dining room, and I'm back to having plastic-bagged bread on the counter encroaching on my work space.

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