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Originally Posted by kunilou View Post
According to the story, Aranda is a real piece of work in general. But is this going to turn him into some sort of MRA martyr?
No. There is a large overlap between self-identified "MRA"/"MGTOW"/"incel" movements and the white-nationalist "alt-right":
While it’s true that the [alt-right] movement is most frequently described in terms of the self-stated, explicit white supremacy that defines many of its corners, for many of its members, the gateway drug that led them to join the alt-right in the first place wasn’t racist rhetoric but rather sexism: extreme misogyny evolving from male bonding gone haywire. [...]

Though various branches of the movement are often at odds with one another, they share a number of core beliefs — and a common meme-flavored vernacular — that serve to unite them in what is sometimes called “the manosphere.” This realm includes the “men’s rights” movement, pickup artist culture (a community of men also labeled “PUAs” that essentially makes a game of the art of bedding women), “incels” (men who are “involuntarily celibate” because they feel women reject them), and geek gatekeepers like supporters of the Gamergate movement.
Manosphere types stereotype young black men under the name "Tyrone", a racist caricature of "savage" animalism that attractive white women supposedly find irresistible because they are, according to manosphere types, stupid and immoral and unfit to be in charge of their own sexuality.

So no, the (primarily white) manosphere is definitely not going to try to make a black man like Aranda into some kind of "martyr". Their "martyrs" are the white misogynists who recklessly murder people out of a sense of aggrieved entitlement at not getting laid.