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Originally Posted by PaulParkhead View Post
Probably meant Drucilla, whose accent was indeed dreadful.
Yes, it was so bad I forgot her name. I think Cordelia stuck in there because it was someone I didn't like that I grew to....

The thing about Drucilla's accent is that it wasn't even consistent. It was all over the place. The army in the Uk is a big mixing pot for accents, you find someone you know has gone to the army, and their accent is a mixture of three different ones when they come back. This was Drucilla, she shifted between really bad versions of a number of accents.

The only other "English Accent" I can compare was the Trevor Leeds, the Uncle of the Charlize Theron character in Arrested Development. He was supposed to be "British", but the accent to me was so clearly Australian to me. So blatantly, that I assumed that it MUST be a parody or in joke. Nobody yet seems to have "got" that joke. But it is of such a level that I'd say it was similar to Drucilla's.