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Originally Posted by not what you'd expect View Post
Well, she knows you know where she lives. I'd be nervous as hell about confronting you, so I'd probably thank you, but I'd start looking for a home alarm. If you'd made the offer in person, I might have even offered you lunch in appreciation. Then maybe we could have become friends, but now, I'd be much less open to that.
She's not nervous about confronting ANYONE. And we're already friends. She's bold and a straightforward lady.

Originally Posted by lingyi View Post
Probably would have been more lopsided if everyone read his other threads ("I'm not a stalker" and "Changing a tire on a locked car.....Alarm question") before voting!
Hey lingyi, go fuck yourself.

Originally Posted by raventhief View Post
Interesting. 87.5% of current respondents, knowing only LiveFree's side of events indicate that they would be weirded out. One might assume that his version of things would be more complimentary toward him, and yet. . That is an overwhelmingly negative response.

But! Gymlady was effusive in her gratitude (6 times, huh?)
Yes, definitely 6 times.

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