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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Bang/buck buddy. Also hotness is another parameter. Am interviewing for the next step up jobwise presently for this reason.

Basically I worked out that if I can get the market rate for the next step up I can get a $500 a fuck girl every 2-3 days. Is a major motivation for me.
I'm glad to see that this thread is working out well for Sammy. Not much I can add, but it's amusing to let the imagination run wild and imagine that, through a combination of a fraudulent resume and paying a competent person to write an application letter for him, Sammy gets an interview with a reputable firm. I imagine the interview going something like this:

Interviewer: Can you tell us why you're interested in this position?

Sammy: I need the dough to move up to a better class of whore. Yannow, the kind what doesn't give you gonorrhea and chlamydia and suchlike as much as the diseased low-class sluts what I been fucking. Say, everybody what works here is white, right?

I predict a stellar career for young Sammy.