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FYI: I do work for a reputable firm and have 5 years experience. So I am trying to move up to FAANG, which is tier 1. Current firm is a household name but about tier 3 in the software world. Have another interview round scheduled next week. I failed last weeks but they are giving me another shot at a different campus. (So it would appear your theories are incorrect. If I came across in person as bad as you theorize I wouldn't get another round)

Maybe I am secretly a psychopath but know how to fake it. That would be a theory consistent with the evidence.

Note that the age discrimination FAANG is infamous for isn't quite so overt at the firm I am interviewing at. I saw candidates in a role similar to what I was interviewing for in their 40s, who had been at this firm a couple years. So while I am concerned about the issue, and this is why I probably will never work for Google, it's less severe than the news articles would indicate.

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