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Originally Posted by thelurkinghorror View Post
How do you mean? Interplay published them both, they just started their new internal development studio for the second one. Same dudes were involved in whole or part: Cain, Urquhart, Boyarsky, Taylor. Avellone was new for 2.
I was under the impression that most of FO2 was completed after Cain, Boyarsky, and Anderson left Interplay, but it seems I was mistaken. I looked into it a bit more and most of the main quests, characters, and settings were already in place by the time they had a falling out with Interplay over team structure and where the company was heading. Urquhart, Avellone, and the rest of the team who stayed with Interplay/Black Isle Studios (and would later form Obsidian when BIS was shut down) pretty much just put the finishing on the game. So it appears the game for the most part was the exact same team that did FO1.

Edit: I still think FO2 could have been a bit more streamlined, though. It seemed that there was a lot of "let's add a quest to make the game longer" stuff going on there. I felt NV actually pared that aspect down. Then again, many of the Troika guys had joined Obsidian again after Troika folded, so maybe there was a better sense of editing with the original team mostly back together.

Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against long games and getting my money's worth, but tacking thing on for length's sake interferes with the narrative.

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