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Originally Posted by pulykamell View Post
Yeah, I see this a lot in Yelp reviews, and it drives me a little nuts. The main one that comes to mind is some reviewer bitching about an excellent pizza restaurant as not making "real pizza" or some such nonsense because there was hardly any sauce on it, and the sauce tasted like plain tomato sauce, and that it was too light on the cheese. (And probably complaining about the flecks of char on the crust, too.) And I'm sitting here scratching my head thinking, dude, you're at a fucking Neapolitan-style pizza restaurant. That is exactly what they're supposed to be serving.
This is a big part of why I think "authentic" is a weird thing to pursue. That reviewer clearly didn't like this kind of pizza, and that's totally fine. Instead of complaining about how it wasn't real, she should've complained about how there wasn't enough sauce for her tastes.

And if you're more looking for adventurous eating, not something you know you'll like, authenticity still isn't much help: instead, you should look for places with interesting menus.

Authenticity seems both reductive and beside the point.