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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
Do you have anything to add to the discussion other than that you don't understand it? Although I am not sure I can explain "who is responsible - the person who committed the action or some random stranger" in any simpler terms.
Well, maybe the problem is that you are trying to make it too simple. It is a complex subject with quite a bit of nuance, and making it simple ignores much of that.

A much better analogy for the car situation that you broached would be that you stole my car, then used it to provide rides to your friends, who trashed it while getting benefit out of it.

Now, you are the one who stole the car, so you are the one ultimately responsible, but do you say in this instance that your friends bear no responsibility whatsoever?

It was you that brought up the example of the ant vs grasshopper, if you think it is irrelevant, then why did you ring it up? I was just wondering which one of those you were considering to be the more responsible one, as it would seem that it is the ant that it responsible, but it is the grasshopper that you emulate.