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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
No, I don't think you did. I doubt very much if someone who reads the story of the ant and the grasshopper, and thinks the grasshopper is the one suggested for emulation, gets it.
Ah, I see where you went wrong in your feeble attempt at understanding. I did not say that the grasshopper was the one to be emulated, I was saying that the grasshopper is the one that those who eschew not only personal, but social, responsibility are emulating. I agree that the ant is the one who sets the better example to follow. I disagree that, given your and those of your compatriots in this thread's contributions, that you are in any way emulating the example of the ant.

So, once again, and as usual, you are wrong.
You apparently thought that was the point of the story. So, you don't get it.
You apparently thought it was actually a story about some insects, rather than a metaphor, which must be why you were not able to understand my question to you.
If this is the question you mean -
No, that would be the follow up question to the previous question that you avoided answering. I'm sorry that keeping track of a few back and forths is so confusing to you.
It was relevant, that's why. The idea that it was irrelevant was yours, and, as we have seen, apparently based on your lack of understanding of a children's bedtime story.
Ah, so you think it's just a children's bedtime story, and not an allegory about the consequences of decisions made by individuals and societies.
So, you're right. It's a simple question. A stupid question, but a simple one, and has been answered. Now go to bed.
Actually it has not been answered. Do you identify with the ant or the grasshopper? That is the question that you have gone to great pains to avoid answering.

You have also avoided discussing the fact that your car analogy was quite flawed, in that your rich neighbor did not get a benefit out of you stealing the car. As the actual situation being discussed is that you are benefiting from participating in society, the analogy needs to take into account a way that your rich neighbor benefited from your theft.

To make is simple for you, if I do something "wrong", whether it be illegal, unethical, or counterproductive, and you get a benefit out of that, do you bear any responsibility for the harm that my actions caused?