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Originally Posted by Kearsen1 View Post
We have an awful lot of ants that get blown off course.

But still irrelevant when talking about 'personal' responsibility.

What you are looking for, you have found already. You call it altruism. The safety net, is altruism, not borne from personal responsibility. It might even be for the greater good of the 'person' but it still isn't his/her responsibility.
Resolved: iiandyiiii, k9bfriender, Kearsen1, Shodan, thorny locust, and myself actually agree on what personal responsibility is, though we may disagree as to when it determines social policy or carries moral weight.

ETA: and in reference to the original post, personal responsibility does not extend to actions of previous generations, or benefits derived from others' wrongdoing, only to culpability for one's own actions.


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