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Originally Posted by Iggy View Post
There are some stark differences to American baseball.

There are no balls and strikes as in American baseball.
A little punctuation might be helpful here i.e.

There are no "balls" and "strikes" as in American baseball.

useful to be clear on that because there is such a thing as a "no ball" in cricket. The umpire might deem a delivery a "no ball" if the bowler oversteps the delivery crease with their front foot (other rules for no balls also exist). In that case the ball is dead, the batting team gets a free run added to their score and the ball has to be bowled again, in some forms of cricket the batsman may even be given a "free hit" which is exactly what it sounds like. They can hit the next ball without any fear of being given out.

So that's how cricket handles illegal deliveries but you are absolutely allowed to aim for the batsman's body and head, that's all withing the rules and is considered an art in itself. A good "bouncer" is a thing of beauty, as is the balletic avoidance of it.
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