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Originally Posted by zimaane View Post
What is the most common way for a batter to get out? The wicket is knocked over, she hits a ball that is caught, or is thrown out when running to the other wicket?
Being caught out is the most common form of dismissal in cricket, or at least in Test cricket, which is the longer version of the game.

Here's the scorecard for the most recent test match between Australia and England, won in spectacular fashion by England, in one of the most exciting matches I've ever watched.

There were 39 batters who got out in this match, and the breakdown of dismissals was:

Caught: 25
Bowled: 7
Leg Before Wicket (LBW): 5
Run out: 2

A poster on Reddit a few years back put together a total of all dismissals in the history of test cricket, and his figures were:

Caught: 58.6 %
Bowled: 21.3 %
LBW: 14.4 %
Run out: 3.46 %

As you can see, the recent test wasn't actually too far out of line with historical figures.